I’ve been an avid surfer, horse enthusiast and a professional photographer for most of my adult life. Recently I have become artistically drawn to the worn and deteriorating elements of weathered wood and the way the grain rhythmically flows like the ocean waves. 

The further the decline and decrepit the scrap of lumber I come by, the more interest I find in working my photographs into it. The camera captures the stillness and poetic depth of a moment, but its the wood that brings them to life with a nostalgic fluidity.


For these pieces I digitally shot the textures in the wood and then the settings and subjects to layer the images in Photoshop. Gradually I blend both together like a painter with a brush, adding and removing various aspects until they become unified within a balanced alignment. I’ve also begun to construct framed mounts and router custom crevices with the planks to further pronounce the wood’s unique and inspiring character.

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